Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 25, 2024 (2024)

Restored Republic viaa GCR: Update as of June 25, 2024

JUDY NOTE: On Sun. 23 June 2024 under order of the BidenAdministration and Without Approval or Even Knowledge of the US Congress, theUS Air Force directed Missile Strikes on innocent Russian civilians, killingand wounding many – which was considered an Act of War – yet no one knows it.If the FBI won't investigate it, they're in on it. If the media won't reportit, they're in on it. If Congress won't talk about it, they're in on it.

Back in Dec. 2022 Biden, Pelosi and Obama were charged with Treason for colludingwith the Chinese Communist Party on 2020 Voter Fraud and running a PedophileRing out of the White House – yet no one knows it. If the FBI won't investigateit, they're in on it. If the media won't report it, they're in on it. IfCongress won't talk about it, they're in on it.

Back in Oct. 2022 King Charles and Queen Elizabeth were linked to over50,000 homicides of native Canadian Children and Murder of Witnesses – yet noone knows it. If UK and Canadian authorities won't investigate it, they're inon it. If the media won't report it, they're in on it. If the UK and CanadianParliaments won't talk about it, they're in on it.

My Fellow Patriots, we’re in BIG trouble.

· On Sun. 23 June 2024 Moscow released a public statement that held theUnited States, and not Kyiv, responsible for the most recent drone/missileattack on Crimea, which killed civilians and wounded more than 100 civilian andmilitary persons.

· Sat. 3 Dec. 2022: Biden, Pelosi, Obama Charged with Treason, Collusionwith CCP on 2020 Voter Fraud, Pedophile Ring Run out of the White House

· Mon. 10 Oct. 2022: King Charles, Queen Elizabeth linked to SatanicDeaths of Children & Murder of Witness · Mon. 24 June 2024 US FederalReserve Cyber Attack.

· Mon. 24 June 2024: “The CIA is a Foreign and DomesticTerrorist Organization. “I was the CIA Director and we lied, we cheated and westole…” -Mike Pompeo, Fmr. CIA Director.

· Mon. 24 June 2024: Not Verified But Several Sources Are Reporting ThisInformation ,The United States Federal Reserve has been allegedly hacked by aransom ware group called Lock Bit. The declaration was made through a post onthe Dark Web. The group claims to have extracted 33 terabytes of sensitivebanking information. The data reportedly includes

· Since 2005 the US has funded illegal Bio Weapon and Lab PathogenResearch in Ukraine and other countries.

· Mon. 24 June 2024 Why are large scale detention facilities beingconstructed across all 50 states?

· Mon. 24 June 2024: It’s BQQQQQM Time. Scare Event. The Great Finale.Cryptic Message

· Mon. 24 June 2024: The Inevitable Crash and the Seemingly RemovedTrump: Nuclear Standoff – Global Military Tribunals – Black Swan Event – DeepState Exposure – Military Devolution Operations – Continuity of Government

· Mon. 24 June 2024 Situation Update (video): Judy Byington BombshellReport: Israeli Nuclear Plant Targeted; Israel To Attack Lebanon; UkraineAttacking Russia; NATO Plans False Flag Nuclear Attack. . .


· Mon. 24 June 2024: The US Air Force directed a ATACMS missile strikeagainst Russian civilians today. This is an act of war by the US Govt againstRussia. Did Joe Biden seek permission from Congress to start a direct war withRussia? Did Americans sign up for this?

· Mon. 24 June 2024: Two terrorist attacks against an Orthodox Churchand a Jewish Synagogue in Russia occurred simultaneously on the same day thatRussia accused the United States of carrying out a deliberate terrorist missileattack on the city of Sevastopol using American-made weapons. This is theperfect distraction and cover for the CIA/Deep State for the missile attacksfrom earlier.

· Mon. 24 June 2024 Russia: More terrorist attacks continue in Russia'sDagestan. At least 9 people confirmed dead. Churches and synagogue attacked.Two cities are on lockdown.

B. GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET:MON. 24 JUNE 2024 WOLVERINE:· “I’ve justreceived incredible news from my contact in Brazil. He said to “Get Ready.” Ithink Tuesday (25 June 2024) is going to be the day.

· “Yesterday I received an intel from Brazil saying thatthe payments are about to commence, and that is regards to his platform, andthen about two hours ago (today), I sent him a message asking how things wereprogressing. He said, “They are progressive beautifully. The leaders aregetting paid”.

· “I received another intel from Brazil, where he said, “Remember aboutwhat I told you last week”. He said, “I am letting you know it is about tocommence”.

· “I received an intel audio in Portuguese, and it said, “Practicallyall is started, and everything is confidential. Stay attentive, becauseeverything is happening”. He is talking about Brazil – The Tier4 A group andthe Tier4B.

· “And the USA is already close. About an hour ago, I received an Intelfrom my contact in America, which says, “Intense movement In the USA. Tier4Bnotification news”.

· “There is another audio I received, not in Portuguese, but in Spanish,saying that it looks like things have started.

· “It looks like things are rolling. I am hoping that what I received iscorrect as I am only a messenger. Praying is all happening. People are gettingemotional. But the person said I am not going to get emotional until I startseeing things happening from my end, but it looks like things are beginning tostart. Lets’ hope and pray to God that tomorrow we will end up having real solidnews in terms of hearing people getting paid and/or my contacts being paid andso on. We pray this comes true. Hopefully, tomorrow, we will get the victorysign. Take care, Wolverine”.

· Mon. 24 June 2024 TNT Tony expects it on or by Sunday, June 30. Banksalready have been told they've had their last meeting prior to the RV.

· Mon. 24 June 2024 Mike Bara The situation as I understand it: Thisshould have gone in April. That was Plan A. The USA stopped it. The window forPlan B opens tomorrow Tues. 25 June at "Sundown" and is a week long.There is no Plan C.

· On Sat. 22 June 2024 Texas Snake, Wolverine, MarkZ and Tony allreported that this weekend Redemption Center staff were put on a one hour alertfor report to their stations in order to schedule Tier4b (Us, the InternetGroup) appointments and later, help complete currency exchanges. A HSBC BankManager in Australia confirmed the above, saying the one hour alert extendeduntil Thurs. 27 June. Wolverine said the Brazilian channel was adamant that thiswas our week. A Bond Holder claimed he was promised liquidity by Tues. 25 June.Tony maintained that the Dinar Contract rate was $28.50, though you couldn’tget it unless you asked for it.


· Mon. 24 June 2024 World Banks Liquidate European Bonds with 12Trillion $ in Losses:

· Mon. 24 June 2024: Alert! Alert! Alert! The Dollar Ponzi Scheme ALooming Financial Catastrophe: BRICS, Gold for Oil Trade, Petrodollar System,Black Swan Event, U.S. Treasury Bonds, BlackRock and Shadow Banking

· Mon. 24 June 2024: Black Swan Event – Protocol 19 – NESARA – GESARA –Revolution – Trust the Plan!

· Mon. 24 June 2024: Mt. Gox Prepares to Roll Out Repayments to DefunctUsers in BTC and BCH. Mt. Gox, the cryptocurrency exchange that lost 850,000Bitcoin in 2024, will start repaying its defunct users. The rehabilitationtrustee has announced that repayments will be processed in Bitcoin.

· Mon. 24 June 2024: The Federal Reserve has been hacked and over 33TBof data is now missing!

D. RESTORED REPUBLIC:· Sun. 23 June 2024: BQQM! Exposing the JFK Jr.Mystery: How to Make The Swamp Believe They Killed You! · Sun. 23 June 2024:BOMBSHELL FIRST TIME EXPOSÉ: The Hidden War Between the Khazarian Cabal and JFK– A Fight to the Death!

· Sun. 23 June 2024: CASTLE ROCK Scenario: QuantumSystems and Project Odin – The Event to Overturn the Election and Restore KingTrump as Hero

E. THE REAL NEWS FOR MON. 24 JUNE 2024:· Mon. 24 June 2024 Scary: Themagnificent Seven of Amazon, Apple, Google, Meta, Microsoft, Nvida and Teslamake up 53% of the nation’s GDP.

· Mon. 24 June 2024 California: My Jaw Dropped & HitThe Floor While Listening To This. California Corruption IS OUT OF CONTROL.California is ordering tiny homes for the homeless, however they are paying$834,000 MORE PER tiny home than what you can order the same tiny home onAmazon for. California residents, how are you allowing this level of governmentcorruption and thievery to just keep going on? How are you not demanding toknow where that extra $834,000 per home is going? This is why your state 4years ago had a surplus, one of the biggest surpluses in California history,but as of this year you have a $73,000,000,000 deficit. …Wall Street Apes onTelegram

· Sun. 23 June 2024 New York: Major protests against so-called “Bird FluVirus” being called real.

· Mon. 24 June 2024 Immigrant threatens Canadians: “Soon we will be inmajority because we have many children and we will impose Sharia. We don't wanthom*osexuals in Islam! They escape from countries governed by Sharia Law andmigrate to western countries. Then they want Sharia again in the country theycame from. Mind blowing.

· Mon. 24 June 2024 Linden Switzerland: Modern people are very dependenton electricity, despite its cost and the negative impact of its generation onthe environment. But what if electricity was available to everyone and itsgeneration were much easier? The Swiss village of Linden is much luckier thanmost people, electricity is more accessible to them and generation is easier.For more than 40 years, they have been living off a generator created by PaulBauman. It consists of discs that rotate using the forces of electrostaticinteraction. The pioneering device has not gained widespread popularity, to thedelight of companies that produce electricity by conservative methods.Apparently, until the planet's resources are exhausted, we will learn aboutsuch inventions only accidentally and with great delay.

· Voter Fraud: Welfare Offices in 49 States are handing out VoterRegistration Applications to Illegal Aliens No Proof of Citizenship Required…Every state but Arizona — which recently passed a law barring the practice onstate but not federal forms —— Ain’t it odd that Arizona requires proof ofcitizenship for state, but not federal (presidential) elections… MY THOUGHTS:It’s not entirely about illegals being able to vote… they will try at everyturn, but hear me out… Illegals don’t even NEED TO VOTE… It’s about generatingballots in key areas… The ballot mules will do the rest, just like they did in2020.

· Mon. 24 June 2024: SHOCK! Hackers have hacked into the Freemasons'database! What they saw surprised them a lot - they have the whole world plan,from 1950 to 2050. The hackers created a secret telegram channel Hidden Truth,and leaked all the information: Why is the testing of the new biologicalweapon "FrOT-11", capable of "vaporizing" the population ofGermany in 6 days, being hidden? This article was published on the officialWhite House website and removed immediately. Why did 98.88% of the human populationbecome extinct and what is the reason for this extinction? What artificialdisaster is planned for 2025? What will happen to the world? The nuclear winterof 1816. Why does no one talk about it? You'll be shocked Learn the whole truthabout what has happened and will happen to our world.

· Mon. 24 June 2024 NEVER Believe The Official Narrative: What ReallyHappened During The Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Shooting Incident? A Vegas cabdriver caught on camera a SECOND GUNMAN on the FOURTH FLOOR, you can see it asclear as day. The sound matches with flashes of the gun fire. This disappearedfrom the news permanently.

· Mon. 24 June 2024: According to the Citizen Free Press Atlanta'shighest paid Judge, Democrat Christina Peterson was Arrested this week forPunching a Cop in the Head, Outside of a Bar. She was booked into Fulton Countyjail on Felony Charges. She was already facing 30+ Ethics Charges.


· Sat. 22 April 2023: Obama/Biden Behind Arming ISIS,Benghazi, Seal Team Six Massacres, 2020 Election Fraud, Child Sex Trafficking,·Sun. 23 June 2024: This Vatican Insider Said There’s Something Dark Happening& The Vatican Doesn’t Want You To Know

· Mon. 24 June 2024: John McAfee was about to expose someof the world's largest Child Traffickers and Pedophiles before he"committed suicide" in a Spanish prison, where he was held onFabricated Tax Charges. McAfee provided government secretaries with laptopscontaining viral spyware, allowing him to control the entire governmentcomputer system. McAfee’s web security software was used on computers at theWhite House, granting him access to Hillary Clinton’s emails and those of otherhigh-level politicians. Hillary Clinton denied him entry into the UnitedStates. McAfee always insisted he was never suicidal. Yesterday, marked thethree-year anniversary of his "death".

· Mon. 24 June 2024: The Inevitable Unraveling of the New World Order:Herbert the Pervert George Bush Sr Dark Legacy and the CIA’s Classified Drops

· Mon. 24 Jan. 2024: Former President of The Club of Rome and former ExecutiveDirector of the United Nations, Calin Georgescu: "The Oligarchs run theUnited Nations and we know that they have a Pedophilia System".


· Sun. 23 June 2024 Australia: "We will expose your globalagenda". Australian senator, Malcolm Roberts: The so-called"pandemic" was planned and globally co-ordinated, decades in advance."But we are going to hound you down, the people that are guilty. We aregoing to hound you down and hold you accountable".

· Sun. 23 June 2024 New York: Major protests against so-called “Bird FluVirus” being called real.


· The World Economic Forum touts 'carbon removal plants'—each of whichremoves five million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere each year—as"crucial to meeting global climate goals", despite the fact that CO2currently makes up just 0.04% of the atmosphere, and if it drops to half ofthat, all plant life—and thus all animal and human life—will perish.

· Mon. 24 June 2024: In lockstep with the Net Zero/Agenda 2030 plan toban meat and traditional agriculture, bought and paid for propaganda outletslike Sky News have been given the green light to start sales pitching lab-grown"meat" for mass public consumption.

They are lying to you and will continue to lie to you until we stop it!…Q+++ on Telegram


· The reason is Israel is the KEY to bringing down the Global DeepState.

· This isn't anti-semitism. I’m referring to the Kazarian Jews, the fakenorthern European Kazars who stole the identity of real Jewish people andcreated the ROTHSCHILD'S and ROCKEFELLERS who came from South Germany wherethey created the Illuminati in 1776.

· The Deep State took control of local governments, financed trains andpublic roads and created the ROTHSCHILD'S banking systems throughout Europe.

· They helped JP Morgan take over the U.S. banking system after theTitanic killed the biggest U S. Bankers and richest tycoons who were againstcreating a federal reserve controlled by the Elite Khazarians, the fake AshkenNAZI Jews, who only made a deal with the Roman empire and bought of the JewishLeaders to become into Judaism and name themselves Jews.

· Now to this day the Elite families of Khazarian descendants controlIsrael ( it was [they] Kazarians who created Rothchilds banking, and thencreated World Wars in order to install governments, loan money for wars andcreated 70% European laws through war and propaganda.

· To this day the GLOBALIST/Khazarians run Israel, created the UnitedNations and took over countries and governments.· Most people are unaware thatthe U.S. government and most Democrats and Republicans are run by the Khazarianfake Jews.

· This is why Q told you Israel is saved for last (takingdown fake Jewish sector that intertwined with the real Jews.· The real Jews arealso fighting against the fake Jews Zionist Khazarians.

· You are watching the EXPOSURE of how a captured U.S.government by outside foreign entities created a MILITARY COUP using the CIAThree Letter Agencies.· TRUMP was PLACED to EXPOSE the CAPTURED U.S.GOVERNMENT.

· This is all happening and being recorded intoCongressional records. The United States Archives and Military sectors arerecording everything.· The world is going to change on a massive level as the CIA,Globalist Western funds and fiat currency comes near extinction level .

· Right now in Congress a huge topic is taking place onGlobalist powers and their reach into the U.S. system that is connected to anOPEN MILITARY COUP.

· World courts are looking to documents, files and servers that proveNetanyahu could be held accountable for crimes against humanity and mass murderand corruption.

· If this fails the White Hats from several united countries are goingto keep pushing for his arrest.· Later after the near Death Civilization EVENTScome to a close, military courts will go after Netanyahu.

· Right now in Israel a near CIVIL War is brewing andWhite Hats inside the Israeli government are initiating a military COUP tounseat the puppet masters of Israel.

· The real story of the Illuminati reaches far back into the KnightsTemplars who created the earliest banking systems through Europe. The story ofthe Knights Templars goes back to the Middle East where they found KingSolomons gold and the real Ark of the Covenant.

· Hugh De Payens was one of the leaders of the Knights Templars. DePayens had family that was of the Islamic Faith and they had deep connectionsto the secret society of the Brothers of the East.

· The secret society met with the Templar's Knights and De Payen andgave them the secrets of the ATLANTIS – the real story connected to theoriginal hidden Bible and the Angels, aliens and different deity's that wereconnected to old Summarian Gods of Mesopotamia and the civilization beforeChrist and the other several civilization hundreds of thousands years older andmuch like ATLANTIS. And their connections to the Anunnaki.

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 25, 2024 (2024)


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