Inappropriate Outfits We Can't Believe Amy Robach Wore - Nicki Swift (2024)

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Inappropriate Outfits We Can't Believe Amy Robach Wore


Inappropriate Outfits We Can't Believe Amy Robach Wore - Nicki Swift (4)

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Amy Robach did an excellent job avoiding any truly grievous sartorial scandals during her time on "Good Morning America." For the most part, the anchor always looked polished and professional without playing it too safe — vibrant colors were a recurring theme in her wardrobe. However, she's made a few fashion decisions almost as disastrous as her affair with T.J. Holmes that got her fired from "GMA." When Robach and Holmeswere shown the door, she also lost access to someone who ensured she always looked her best on television, "GMA" costume designer Jamie Salazar. The stylist quit sharing photos of Robach's outfits on her Instagram account in late 2022, so it seems Salazar is no longer dressing the ousted anchor.

Most of Robach's fashion fails have occurred since she and Holmes lost their seats on the "GMA" set. Robach and Holmes have brilliantly launched a new venture, a podcast called "Amy and T.J.," and one expert believes their lack of stylists is evident in videos of the pair recording their show. Stylist Amanda Sanders suggested to The U.S. Sun that the co-hosts didn't buy brand new wardrobes for their new gig, and what they are finding in their closets stands in stark contrast to how they used to dress. "They both look drab and uninteresting," Sanders said. Robach and Holmes also seem to be dressing for comfort rather than style, which harkens back to the beginning of their affair.

Why some people shamed Amy Robach's shoes

When the outing of Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes as a couple made them a bigger story than the news they were reporting on at the time, the Daily Mailbroke the news by publishing photos of the co-anchors looking loved up in NYC. They were photographed sharing a laugh at a bar and strolling through the city. Holmes was even caught on camera giving Robach's butt a cheeky pat. In this image and others taken on different days, Robach is wearing the same pair of cozy sheepskin boots with chevron rainbow stripes around the ankles. She's also sporting the footwear in a March 2022 video on the "Good Morning America" TikTok account.

In the video, Robach and Holmes are seated next to each other on a couch and are wearing casual outfits. Robach rocks a gray T-shirt and coordinating ribbed leggings that resemble thermal underwear. Social media sleuths flocked to the comments section of the clip upon learning about the pair's affair. While Holmes and Robach would later deny cheating on their spouses by getting together, the damage was already done — commenters were calling Robach's boots "cheating Uggs." One person wrote, "Those boots are famous now." Some TikTokers also observed that the co-workers looked a bit too cozy together. "Yep, can't watch this video now without it being clear as day that they had an affair," read one comment.

T.J. Holmes thought she looked like a blushing bride

In May 2022, Amy Robach wore a white shift dress on "GMA3." The Alice + Olivia design featured a high neck and elbow-length sleeves, and when Robach was seated, the top half of the garment reminded T.J. Holmes of a bridal gown. "It's wedding day around here. We've got flowers, we've got wine, and we've got a bride," he quipped. Robach humored her co-host by agreeing that her dress was giving off some wedding vibes, but Holmes wasn't finished joking about it. Seemingly inspired by its dazzling white hue, he teasingly added, "If anybody speaks purity on this day, it's this one." Robach responded by shaking her head, crumpling up a piece of paper, and tossing it at Holmes.

The clip resurfaced on social media months later when netizens learned about Robach and Holmes' clandestine affair. "This didn't age well," was one verdict shared on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Robach and Holmes were both married twice before they started dating, so will the third time be the charm for the couple? They were discussing what would be on their vision boards during a February 2024 episode of "Amy & T.J." when Holmes revealedhe'd like to see Robach in another white dress. "I've got some relationship goals I guess I would put up on that board as well," he said. "What would the visual be? I don't know, a little chapel or something."

Her fashion fumble on game day

In October 2023, T.J. Holmes shared a carousel of photos from a trip to his Arkansas alma mater to watch the Razorbacks play. He and Amy Robach were pictured standing on the sidelines of the college football team's stadium in Fayetteville. Robach seemingly decided to rock the Razorbacks' colors by pairing a red silk camisole with black leather shorts and coordinating booties. However, if she hoped to have her game day garb met with cheers a la Taylor Swift, she was left sorely disappointed.

Robach's top was badly wrinkled, but this wasn't the biggest issue armchair fashion critics on Instagram had with her outfit. "It's just not the right style for the occasion," one person wrote. Another critique read, "B***h look like she's going through a midlife crisis." A third netizen targeted both Robach and Holmes' outfits by quipping, "They left the stylist at ABC too."

Stylist Amanda Sanders agreed with the fault-finders roasting Robach's look. "As a journalist, she is somebody we would take seriously, but this was not appropriate. ... The shiny red top looks too much like lingerie," she told The U.S. Sun. Sanders also suggested that Robach wanted to exude self-confidence and sex appeal. Unfortunately, it seems that the podcaster picked the wrong place to embrace her inner seductive vixen, as it was just too distracting that her outfit was more suitable for dancing to "Sexy Back" at a club than attending a Razorbacks game.

Her bland LBD was a lump of coal

Inappropriate Outfits We Can't Believe Amy Robach Wore - Nicki Swift (6)

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Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes made their red carpet debut as a couple at iHeartRadio 102.7 KIIS FM's 2023 Jingle Ball. Robach could have gotten all decked out in an outfit that was fun and festive for the holiday-themed event, but there wasn't anything jolly about her strapless black mini dress. Her footwear was lacking the wow factor as well. Rather than improve her outfit, her black booties shortened her legs by chopping them off at the ankles. Robach also got outshone by celebs who got in the holiday spirit with looks that were merry and bright. Examples included Paris Hilton's silver dress adorned with stars and Tori Spelling's sequined crop top and skirt. Robach's only hint of sparkle was a pair of dated gold hoop earrings.

While some fans complimented Robach for having the figure to pull off her strapless LBD, others suggested that it was time for a style intervention. "She needs some fashion advice," read one Instagram slam. "Possibly her choice could have been more advantageous to her look. Sometimes trying to look young can make you look older," another commenter opined. One critic even went so far as totell her to "change that hideous dress."Perhaps that was going a bit far, as there was really nothing about it deserving of such a strong descriptor; it was just fa-la-la-lacking any ornamentation to make it somewhat interesting.

Her green dress looked like lingerie

Inappropriate Outfits We Can't Believe Amy Robach Wore - Nicki Swift (7)

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At the 2024 iHeartRadio Music Awards, Amy Robach walked the yellow carpet in a mint green dress with a ruched skirt and a semi-sheer lace bodice that looked like the top half of a négligée. It was not a hit with the snarkers on the Lipstick Alley forum. "Her look is dated. So is this fling," one fan wrote in response to photos of Robach at the event with T.J. Holmes. "It would appear that she didn't put a whole lot of thought or consideration into her look. The color isn't flattering (wrong shade), the style is dated/doesn't work for her shape, and it honestly looks like she forgot to do her hair," read another comment. Robach had her hair pulled up in a messy topknot, so she looked like she was wearing a sexy Tinkerbell costume from the waist up.

Stylist Amy Sanders told The U.S. Sun that Robach may not be able to afford a stylist now that she's no longer employed by ABC. Robach hasn't confirmed whether this is the case, but on "Amy & T.J.," she said that iHeart provided her with a hairstylist for its award show."I'm actually not used to this now these days, having anyone who does my hair or my makeup," Robach said. She also revealed that she forgot to wear jewelry with her outfit, so Tori Spelling offered to lend her some rings. However, she opted to go without.


Inappropriate Outfits We Can't Believe Amy Robach Wore - Nicki Swift (2024)


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