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Are you prepared to stand out in the competitive beauty industry? It's time to brainstorm and create unique beauty business names that connect with your target audience!

If you're struggling to find the perfect name for your beauty business, we've got you covered.

Our article will guide you in choosing a name that truly reflects your business and sets you on the path to success. Get ready to make a lasting impression with confidence and excitement!

What Creates a Profitable Beauty Business Name?

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Imagine strolling down a street packed with beauty salons and spas. What makes one name catch your eye and stick in your mind? A profitable beauty business name does just that—it grabs attention and brings in customers. But what makes a name truly profitable?

  1. Memorability: Think of a name that’s easy to remember. If people can quickly recall your business name, they're more likely to tell others about it. Picture a catchy jingle or a fun rhyme—something that lingers in people’s minds long after they’ve seen or heard it.
  1. Simplicity: A simple name is like a clear signpost. It’s easy to understand and pronounce. Compare a straightforward name to one that’s long and complicated; the simpler one will always be easier for clients to remember and talk about.
  1. Relevance: Your business name should hint at what you do. Imagine a name that immediately tells people they're looking at a beauty business, like "Glow Salon" or "Beauty Bliss." This way, customers know exactly what to expect.
  1. Uniqueness: Picture a street where every beauty business has a similar name. You wouldn’t remember any of them, right? A unique name helps you stand out. Think of something different that sets you apart from the crowd.
  1. Emotion: A great name makes people feel something. Imagine a name that evokes a sense of luxury, relaxation, or excitement. When people hear your business name, it should create a positive feeling that draws them in.

By blending these elements—memorability, simplicity, relevance, uniqueness, and emotion—you can craft a beauty business name that not only stands out but also attracts and keeps customers. Think of your business name as the first impression you make on potential clients; make sure it’s a memorable one!

200+ Beauty Business Name Ideas to Inspire you

Here are 200+ beauty business name ideas to spark your creativity and help you find the perfect name for your brand. Figure out which one resonates most with your vision and audience!

Classic & Elegant

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(Image Source: EComposer’s Template)

  1. The Gilded Thread (Radiates timeless elegance and artistry)
  2. Visage Éternel (French for "Eternal Face")
  3. The Sterling Studio (Shows quality and sophistication)
  4. Charisma & Co. (Highlights magnetism and elegance)
  5. The Contoured Canvas (Sophistication with an artistic touch)
  6. Elegance Embodied (Direct and memorable)
  7. The Beauty Muse (Inspires timeless beauty)
  8. The Polished Look (Simple and shows expertise)
  9. The Onyx Room (Sophistication with mystery)
  10. Visage Suprême (French for "Supreme Face")
  11. The Swan Studio (Graceful and timeless)
  12. The Crown & Veil (Royal and elegant imagery)
  13. Whisper of Beauty (Subtle and timeless appeal)
  14. The Contessa Collection (Italian for "Countess", signifies luxury)
  15. The Serene Sanctuary (Tranquil with focus on inner beauty)
  16. The Timeless Touch (Direct and lasting results)
  17. The Gilded Vanity (Luxurious with a hint of vanity)
  18. Virtue & Visage (Combines moral excellence with beauty)
  19. The Beauty Archive (Classic and timeless image)
  20. Contessa's Canvas (Italian for "Countess", reflects artistry)
  21. The Opulent Oasis (Luxurious and peaceful retreat)
  22. The Sterling Strands (Expert in classic hair care)
  23. The Polished Pearl (Elegant and rare quality)
  24. The Contoured Contessa (Combines "Countess" with makeup artistry)
  25. Éclat Beauté (French for "Radiance Beauty")

Modern & Edgy

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(Image Source: EComposer’s Template)

  1. The Gloss Gang (Fun and confident, with a playful attitude)
  2. Rebellious Rouge (Bold and breaks away from traditional styles)
  3. Define Your Fierce (Makes you feel powerful and daring)
  4. Inkwell & Iris (Artistic and mysterious, like a work of art)
  5. Unbound Beauty (Challenges usual beauty ideas and standards)
  6. Chrome & Canvas (Modern, with a creative artistic touch)
  7. The Neon Muse (Energetic and catches your eye with striking visuals)
  8. Fringe & Fade (Edgy, inspired by hair styling trends)
  9. Unleash Your Savage (Empowering and slightly provocative)
  10. The Pixelated Pout (Modern, inspired by technology and makeup)
  11. The Renegade Root (Edgy, challenges typical hair styles)
  12. The Pierced & Polished (Combines edgy body art with refined beauty)
  13. Ink Blot Beauty (Edgy and artistic, like tattoos)
  14. Disrupt. Define. Slay. (Bold, challenges the norms of the beauty industry)
  15. The Digital Diva (Modern, perfect for social media enthusiasts)
  16. Chrome Kiss (Modern, suggests a shiny metallic makeup look)
  17. The Anti-Basics (Caters to those who seek beauty beyond typical trends)
  18. The Unfiltered Frame (Encourages self-acceptance with an edgy twist)
  19. Slay by Day (Confident and focused on achieving great results)
  20. The Neon Noir (Modern with a touch of mystery and intrigue)
  21. Fractured Beauty (Edgy and explores unconventional beauty ideas)
  22. The Grunge Glam (Combines alternative styles with glamorous elements)
  23. The Rebellious Rouge Collective (Community-focused with a bold edge)
  24. Unleash. Unmask. Unveil. (Mysterious and encourages self-discovery)
  25. The Digital Dripping (Modern, suggests artistic and trendy makeup styles)

Cute & Playful

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(Image Source: EComposer’s Template)

  1. Sugar & Spice Studio (Sweet and charming, creates a fun atmosphere)
  2. The Flutter & Glow (Adorable, suggests beautiful lashes and radiance)
  3. The Pout & Polish (Cute, perfecting lips and overall look)
  4. Pixie Dust Beauty (Whimsical, magical transformation)
  5. Blush & Bloom (Adorable, makeup and natural glow)
  6. The Cupcake Co. (Sweet, treats yourself)
  7. Giggle & Glow (Fun, joy in feeling beautiful)
  8. The Pampered Poodle (Cute, playful pet grooming)
  9. The Tiara & Tutu (Children's spa or princess parties)
  10. The Wink & Wave (Playful, lighthearted)
  11. Rainbow Sprinkles (Colorful, younger clientele)
  12. The Sparkle Squad (Empowering, supportive space)
  13. The Fuzzy Panda (Adorable, natural beauty brand)
  14. The Mermaid Mane (Playful, beautiful hair)
  15. The Freckle & Frill (Cute, natural beauty features)
  16. The Pucker Up Project (Playful, lip care or makeup)
  17. The Fuzzy Peach Parlor (Soft, waxing or skincare salon)
  18. The Confetti Kiss (Fun, celebratory)
  19. The Whimsical Wand (Magical, makeup artistry)
  20. The Glitter Galaxy (Sparkly, fun beauty experience)
  21. The Unicorn Mane & Co. (Magical, playful hair care)
  22. The Cherry Bomb Beauty Bar (Cute, fun with a touch of sass)
  23. The Dimple & Delight (Adorable, charming natural feature)
  24. The Sprinkle Squad Spa (Rainbow sprinkles theme, spa experience)
  25. The Pout Party (Playful, fun makeup application)

Natural & Organic

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(Image Source: EComposer’s Template)

  1. Wildflower & Co. (Simple, emphasizes natural beauty with botanical ingredients)
  2. Terra Firma Beauty (Latin for "Solid Earth", focuses on natural foundations)
  3. The Barefaced Project (Encourages embracing natural beauty)
  4. Botanical Bliss (Emphasizes botanical ingredients for blissful skincare)
  5. Simply Nature (Straightforward, with a clear focus on natural products)
  6. The Luminous Leaf (Radiates natural glow from plant extracts)
  7. Earth & Essence (Combines natural elements and their essence)
  8. Blooming Botanicals (Beautiful, focuses on botanical skincare)
  9. Kissed by Nature (Simple, suggests a natural touch)
  10. Pure Haven Beauty (Emphasizes purity and natural sanctuary)
  11. The Green Grove (Natural, evokes lush greenery)
  12. Honest Beauty (Straightforward, promotes ingredient transparency)
  13. Wildwood Wellness (Focuses on well-being in a natural environment)
  14. Rooted in Nature (Emphasizes connection to natural benefits)
  15. The Barefaced Beauty (Simple, emphasizes natural beauty)
  16. From Farm to Face (Focuses on organic ingredients from farm to skincare)
  17. The Natural Nest (Conveys a natural and comfortable environment)
  18. The Gentle Touch (Suggests natural ingredients and gentle care)
  19. Blossom & Bloom (Emphasizes natural growth and beauty)
  20. The Sunshine Studio (Radiates natural radiance and positivity)
  21. Honey & Bloom (Natural ingredients like honey, promoting beauty)
  22. The Herbal Haven (Focuses on herbs for a relaxing experience)
  23. Wildcrafted Beauty (Uses wild-sourced ingredients for natural beauty)
  24. The Organic Orchard (Emphasizes organic bounty and natural farming)
  25. Nature's Nectar (Promotes beauty products sourced naturally)

Luxurious & High-End

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(Image Source: EComposer’s Template)

  1. Opulence & Aura (Blends luxury with captivating beauty)
  2. The Charisma Collection (Highlights magnetism and elegant charm)
  3. Caviar & Cashmere (Features luxurious ingredients for pampering)
  4. The Serene Sanctuary (Offers peaceful luxury, a relaxing haven)
  5. The Gilded Griffin (Represents exclusive strength and mythical beauty)
  6. The Crown Jewel (Offers unique and precious beauty products)
  7. Elixir of Youth (Promises a mysterious way to look younger)
  8. Visage Céleste (French for "Heavenly Face") (Aims for a divine beauty look)
  9. The Marble Muse (Combines artistic skill with luxury)
  10. The Venetian Veil (Romantic, suggests access to high-quality beauty secrets)
  11. Porcelain & Pearl (Delicate and suggests flawless beauty)
  12. The Sovereign Spa (Offers a luxurious place for pampering)
  13. The Moonlit Atelier (Offers a mysterious and creative beauty experience)
  14. The Nectar of Beauty (Offers a sweet, luxurious essence that enhances beauty)
  15. The Crimson Chamber (Intriguing space for personalized luxury treatments)
  16. The Sterling Strands (Offers expertise in luxurious hair care)
  17. The Gilded Comb (Sophisticated care for luxurious hair)
  18. The Regal Retreat (Offers a luxurious escape for beauty treatments)
  19. The Quintessential Face (Aims to achieve the best beauty through luxury)
  20. The Seraphine Studio (Elegant and transformative beauty experience)
  21. The Flourish & Form (Suggests growth and flawless beauty through luxury)
  22. The Opulent Oasis (Offers luxury and relaxation for ultimate beauty)
  23. The Diamond District (Implies high-quality and exclusive beauty products)
  24. The Everlasting Glow (Suggests lasting, radiant beauty through luxury)
  25. The Exquisite Pearl (Implies an exceptionally beautiful and precious experience)

Ethnic & Cultural

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(Image Source:

  1. Yumi Beauty (Japanese for "beautiful") - inspired elegance.
  2. Khadi Co. (Hindi for "hand-loomed cloth") - Natural, traditional beauty.
  3. Khamsa Studio (Arabic for "five") - Symbolizes protection and beauty.
  4. Imani Skin (Swahili for "faith") - Trust in cultural beauty.
  5. Célébrité Beauté (French for "Celebrity Beauty") - Global beauty with French flair.
  6. Macushla Beauty (Irish Gaelic for "darling") - Reflects Irish sweetness.
  7. Cheongsam Chic (Chinese for "long dress") - Chinese fashion style.
  8. Ayurvedic Alchemy (Indian - Ayurveda) - Blends ancient and modern beauty.
  9. Nilotique (Egyptian - Nile River) - Natural beauty from Egypt.
  10. Celt & Co. (Celtic - inspired beauty).
  11. Mehendi Muse (Indian - Henna) - Focus on henna art.
  12. Kintsugi Beauty (Japanese - "golden joinery") - Embraces flaws and heritage.
  13. Guajira Glow (Colombian - indigenous people) - Colombian natural beauty.
  14. Marigold Market (Indian - flower) - Indian tradition and marketplace.
  15. Hanami Beauty (Japanese - cherry blossom festival) - Renewal and beauty.
  16. Kismet Cosmetics (Arabic - "fate") - Mystery and cultural reference.
  17. Wahine Beauty (Hawaiian - "woman") - Celebrates Hawaiian women.
  18. Cheongsam Glow (Chinese for "long dress") - Radiant Chinese fashion.
  19. The Dashiki District (West African garment) - West African fashion and culture.
  20. Rangolis & Radiance (Indian - decorative patterns) - Indian beauty traditions.
  21. Koru Curves (Māori - spiral symbol) - Māori-inspired natural beauty.
  22. Sari Soiree (Indian - traditional garment) - Festive Indian clothing.
  23. Seoul Glow (South Korean - capital city) - Radiant Korean beauty.
  24. The Flamenco Face (Spanish - dance) - Spanish dance-inspired beauty.
  25. The Kimono Collection (Japanese - traditional garment).

Mythical & Enchanting

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(Image Source: EComposer’s Template)

  1. The Moonlit Muse - Inspiration and beauty under the moon's glow.
  2. Elven Essence - Ethereal beauty like mythical elves.
  3. Siren's Song Beauty - Captivating and mesmerizing like a siren's call.
  4. Phoenix Fire Studio - Symbolizes rebirth and fiery beauty.
  5. Enchanté Beauty - Magical and enchanting experience.
  6. The Unicorn's Horn - Purity and beauty of a mythical creature.
  7. Mermaid Mane & Co. - Hair care inspired by mythical mermaids.
  8. The Dragon's Kiss - Powerful and captivating like a dragon's touch.
  9. The Fae's Fountain - Magical source of beauty from mythical creatures.
  10. The Whispering Willow - Enchanted and intriguing like a mystical tree.
  11. The Griffin's Guard - Protection and beauty like a mythical griffin.
  12. The Enchanted Glade - Magical clearing associated with serenity and beauty.
  13. The Alchemist's Atelier - Transformative beauty like magical potions.
  14. The Moonbeam & Mist - Ethereal and calming like moonlight and mist.
  15. The Chimera's Charm - Unique and captivating beauty of a mythical creature.
  16. The Dryad's Den - Connects beauty with nature and mythical tree nymphs.
  17. The Wyvern's Wing - Strong and alluring like a mythical winged creature.
  18. The Elven Elixir - Magical potion for elven-like beauty.
  19. The Faerie Dust Studio - Lighthearted and magical like fairy dust.
  20. The Nymph's Nectar - Natural and magical beauty essence from nature spirits.
  21. The Selkie's Secret - Mysterious and alluring like a mythical selkie's secret.
  22. The Wishing Well of Beauty - Grants wishes for perfect beauty.
  23. The Griffin's Gaze - Enhancing and perceptive beauty like a griffin's gaze.
  24. The Moonstone Magic - Mystical and enchanting power of moonstone.
  25. The Whispering Woods - Mysterious and intriguing hidden source of beauty.

Global & Intriguing

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(Image Source: EComposer’s Template)

  1. The Seven Jewels - Precious and diverse beauty standards.
  2. Mosaic Muse - Inspired by beauty techniques from around the world.
  3. Terra Beauté - Simple, elegant, and inspired by global beauty secrets.
  4. Lumiere - Light as a symbol of universal beauty.
  5. The Wandering Beauty - Love for exploring worldwide beauty trends.
  6. Zahara's Embrace - Beautiful with an international touch.
  7. The Souk & The Strand - Global marketplace for beauty products.
  8. Indigo & Iris - Colors that represent diverse beauty standards.
  9. The Silk Road Salon - Influences from global beauty traditions.
  10. The Nomadic Glow - Embracing beauty from various cultures.
  11. The Global Gloss - Collection of beauty products from around the world.
  12. Kintsugi Collective - Global beauty that includes imperfections.
  13. The Seven Seas Studio - Beauty practices from different parts of the world.
  14. The Bazaar of Beauty - International marketplace for beauty.
  15. The Wandering Comb - Exploring hair care trends globally.
  16. Nomad's Nectar - Searching worldwide for the best beauty products.
  17. The Desert Rose - Beautiful and exotic, with a global feel.
  18. The Translated Touch - Beauty techniques from different cultures.
  19. The Global Glow - Focus on international beauty trends.
  20. The Meridian Muse - Beauty influenced by global wellness practices.
  21. The Wanderer's Visage - Exploring facial beauty worldwide.
  22. Rumi's Ritual - Artistic and cultural influences on beauty.
  23. The Global Canvas - Endless possibilities for creating beauty.
  24. The Woven Threads - Combining global beauty traditions.
  25. The Crossroads of Beauty - Meeting point for international beauty trends.

Practical Tips to Choose a Beauty Business Name

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When picking a name for your beauty company, keep these tips in mind:

1. Understand your Target Customer

A right name can create an emotional connection and convince potential customers that you understand their needs. Identify who your target audience are and choose names that match their interests. For example, a fun and relatable name might suit a younger, budget-conscious audience like “Blink Blink Beauty.” On the other hand, luxury brands often use more sophisticated names, sometimes combining words or using foreign languages for a refined image, such as “Luminara.”

Of course, consider what specific beauty products or services you’ll offer, too. Your name should reflect your brand and differentiate you from competitors. For example, if you specialize in organic skincare, use words like “pure” or “nature” to attract health-conscious customers.

2. Make It Easy to Remember but Still Unique

If a name is too abstract or hard to understand, customers might have trouble finding it or telling their friends about it. When naming your business, especially if you're considering another language or a made-up word, aim for simplicity. Names with four syllables or fewer and no more than 10 letters work best. Use plenty of vowels; too many consonants can make the name hard to pronounce.

Choose a name that is straightforward and easy to keep in mind. Avoid long or complicated words, even if they sound clever or funny. The goal is for the name to stick in people's minds. Including a hint of what your business does can also help with searchability, making it easier for customers to find you online.

But familiar is not enough, in the booming beauty industry, your name needs to also stand out both online and on shelves. A unique yet accessible name will improve your search engine rankings and encourage word-of-mouth marketing. Look at successful brands for inspiration and find ways to differentiate your beauty business.

3. Seeking Feedback

Ask your family, friends, and potential customers what they think of possible names for your beauty business. Their feedback is very valuable in choosing the right name. Make sure the name you pick has positive vibes so people are attracted to it. Doing this research early will help your beauty business stand out with a memorable name that connects with customers.

4. Checking Availability

Before you settle on a name for your beauty business, make sure the domain name is available. Having a matching domain is essential for building an online presence and making it easy for consumers to find you.

If the domain you want is already taken, it can be harder to create a strong online identity. You can try different variations of the name if needed. Also, check that the name is available on social media to ensure consistency across all platforms.

5. Legal Considerations

Not only checking for its availability, legal factors also need to be taken into consideration. You need to make sure the name isn't already used by another beauty business or trademarked. Doing a thorough check can prevent problems later on. Also, check if the name follows local rules for registering a business before making decisions.

6. Using Online Tools

Using name generator tools can be useful when you're trying to come up with ideas for your beauty business name. These tools create different name options based on the words or themes you give them. They can suggest names that might inspire you and are unique. However, choices are still yours.

Explore more on popular Name Generators here.

Building a web page is also an essential part of building your own store journey. EComposer is the Top suggestion for a page builder app on Shopify. With its assistance, you won't need to know how to code to establish a stunning and intuitive web store.

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Examples of Real Beauty Brand Inspirations

Looking for more ideas to find the perfect brand name? Here are three of the most popular beauty brand name suggestions:

1. Chanel

EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (11)

Founded by Coco Chanel, the brand uses her last name, immediately connecting the famous designer with the beauty products. This shows how using the founder's name can create a recognizable and personal brand identity.

The name "Chanel" is short, easy to say, and easy to remember. It gives a feel of a high-end, sophisticated feel that attracts its customers. The name is quite linked with timeless beauty and quality, showing how effective a simple and memorable name can be in the beauty industry.

2. Kiehl's Since 1851

EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (12)

Kiehl's Since 1851 is a well-known skincare brand with a unique name and a long history. Even though "Kiehl's" can be hard to spell, it makes the brand stand out. Adding "Since 1851" shows the brand's long experience and trustworthiness. This mix of a unique name and the founding year gives a sense of heritage and reliability, making it a great example of strong branding in the beauty industry.

3. The Body Shop

EComposer - Shopify Landing Page Builder (13)

This name clearly describes what the brand offers: products for the whole body. It's a good choice for businesses that sell a wide range of beauty products and want to set clear expectations for customers. Using "The" makes the brand sound established and trustworthy.

These real-life beauty brand examples demonstrate how choosing the right names can make a brand stand out and be easily remembered in the beauty industry.

Wrap up

Starting your beauty business starts with choosing the right name and creating a solid business plan for success. Make sure to pick the right business setup, study your target customers and competitors, and build a strong online visibility using social media platforms and a professional website.

Before launching, it's also crucial to focus on designing your store pages. Using a user-friendly tool like EComposer on Shopify can help you create attractive store pages easily, and no coding expertise is needed.


1. Should I use my own name in the business name?

Certainly, using your own name for a beauty business can create a personal and intimate connection with your customers. However, this approach may not always be the most effective. If your name is already distinct and easy to remember, it can work wonderfully.

Otherwise, it's worth considering adding a unique twist or blending it with other words to make it stand out more.

2. How does the beauty business name generator function?

The beauty business name generator works in three easy steps:

  • Choose a word that represents your beauty brand.
  • Type it into the name generator.
  • Click "Generate names."

Voilà! You'll receive 100 suggestions to choose from or use as ideas.

3. Should I go for a straightforward or abstract business name?

If you prefer a name that clearly explains what your products or services are about, a descriptive name is ideal. It helps convey your brand's purpose directly. On the other hand, if you prefer a name that sounds more artistic and adaptable, an abstract name might suit your brand better.

4. Trademarks seem complicated. How can I easily check for availability?

There are several online trademark search tools available, some free and some with paid options. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) offers a basic search tool, but there are also private companies offering more comprehensive searches. Remember, a trademark search isn't a definitive answer, but it's a good starting point. Consider consulting a lawyer specializing in intellectual property for a more thorough check.


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